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Rise to Glory: Kingdoms supports a quick and easy registration process to make registering to play a no-brainer. Just enter your email address and we will email you your password! Rise to Glory has a strict privacy policy which will keep your email address in our hands only (we hate spam just as much as the next person). Never will we sell or share your email address to a third party and we will never send spam. The only emails you will ever recieve from us unless you OPT-IN (not opt-out) will be a welcome email which will contain your randomly generated password, a notice email three days after creating your account asking if you're having any problems playing or need help from a guide and a reminder email if you fail to return after playing a few times.

If you register with us and decide that you don't wish to play our games and would like to have your account removed don't worry! There will be a link in your welcome email which will allow you to delete your account as well as a link once you login to delete your account so in no way are you obligated to stay with us or worry about having your email on another system.

Rise to Glory: Kingdoms is a free game. We do not require ever recieving a cent from you to play our games. We do have subscriber options however which for a small fee will unlock certain aspects of the game such as new warrior units, spells, buildings, and entire races as well as upgrade options for your player to enhance your playing experience. We strongly urge players to subscribe however never do we require that you do so. After playing for a while if you do like the games please concider subscribing. If not thats perfectly fine but your support is always greatly appreciated.

We also have a few rules which we will be upfront about during your registration. These rules should all be concidered no brainers but some players aren't quite as bright as other players <GRIN>

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