Rise to Glory: Kingdoms Rules and Regulations

Please read and follow these rules posted. This will help to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable game for ALL players. The Admins reserve the right to add, delete, or modify the rules at any time. Rule changes will be noted in the news section of the site.

Account: The main account which is logged in with (your email address and password makes up the "account".
Player: An identity within the game which other "players" will see.
Person: You.

(1) No person may have more than one account. Accounts may have up to three players with the requirement that all players on the account are subscribed (a non-subscribed account may have one player). If a subscription lapses on a player of an account which has multiple players the player without an active subscription will become unavailable until the subscription is brought current.

If it is determined that you are controlling multiple accounts (not players) all accounts in question will be locked. Appeals may be sent to if this happens to you.

(2) This site is rated PG13. Please keep obscene or profane language to a minimum, either in the public forums or in private messages. When complaints are received by the Admins, the posters will be warned. If abuse continues, the offender(s) will lose privileges to the forums or kmail. The choice of language inside the clan forums is left to the discretion of the clan leaders unless there is a complaint, and then all obscene and profane language must be deleted from the clan forums. Administrators will have the final judgment on what is profane or obscene. There will be zero tolerance for any abusive, racial, religious, or gender slurs made against a person for any reason.

(3) Solicitation (or spamming) of any kind is prohibited in any of the forums, chat, and mail system. Only personal correspondence and Rise to Glory: Kingdoms related messages are permissible. Clan advertisements will be allowed, but their use is discouraged.

If there is a complaint from a player being spammed, the offender will be warned to stop. If it persists, the offender will lose the use of the forum(s) and/or kmail system used to deliver the solicitations.

(4) Flooding the server with multiple page loads will not be tolerated. Let the first page requested fully load before requesting another action. Those who violate this rule will be severely penalized, up to and including permanent termination of their player(s).

(5) Play within the rules of the game. If coding problems or bugs allow for those rules to be broken, IMMEDIATELY cease using that function and contact a game administrator to report it. Not doing so is considered bug abuse. Violators of this rule are subject to immediate account termination (including all multiplaying accounts) and loss of any subscription fees paid.

There is an option to reset your kingdom to change race or to start anew, but is limited to 1 reset per day. There are a limited number of war spells and attacks allowed to be used by an account in a day, and can only be used BEFORE the kingdom is reset.

War spells have a predetermined amount of damage they should do, success rate, and cast limit. If it appears that they are not behaving correctly, stop using them immediately.

Warrior units have a predetermined rate of production and amount of damage they may inflict. There are a predetermined number of attacks available to an account per day. If any of this appears to be malfunctioning, then cease producing warriors and attacking until the problem is rectified and report it to a game administrator immediately.

An account that delivers a losing attack will also receive temporary protection, and may attack again. Attacks constructed as non-competative or harrassment will not be tolerated. (This includes stepping out of the confines of your clan and attacking a clan member and stepping back within the protection of that same said clan).

Any action that gives a player an unfair advantage or causes another to be unfairly disadvantaged is considered to be a bug and must be reported immediately. If there is any doubt as to whether an action is considered abuse or not, stop immediately and contact an administrator.

The Admins reserve the right to reward victims of bug abuse and penalize the abusers in any way they deem fair by a panel of selected volunteers. If a bug produces personal gain only, AND no other account is affected, AND the bug is reported promptly, a reward MAY be given for reporting the bug. Failure to do so will result in a stiff penalty to the offending account.

When reporting the coding bug to the Admins, be as specific as possible with a much detail as possible. Don't just say, "I think there is a bug." Include what screen you were on when you found it, what function you were using (i.e. attack results, taking turns, casting spells), what it appears to be doing incorrectly (i.e. building too many or too little warriors or resources, causing too much damage, etc.), any information that you think might be helpful in tracking down the coding error. This will result in a much quicker fix and return to normal game play.

(6) The Admins reserve the right to deny access to HTTPGames to any player for any reason.

(7) Abusive, threatening, or derogatory language of any kind directed toward the Administrators or HTTPGames will not be tolerated, and will result in the banning of ANY AND ALL accounts associated with the message's originator. The Admins work on the site unsalaried and uncompensated, and should be treated with respect.

(8) There is to be NO posting of software cracks/hacks/patches/etc. in any of the forums. Posts should be related either to game or personal correspondence.

(9) There is to be NO posting of personal information (yours or any others) in the forums or Kmails. If you wish to exchange personal information, please do so via regular e-mail or instant messenger.

(10) When uploading pictures:

  • No uploading threatening or graphically violent pictures.
  • No material that could be considered obscene or pornographic.
  • If a picture is found in your photo album that is deemed inappropriate by an Admin, the picture will be deleted, and you will lose Photo Album privileges.
  • If photo album privileges are abused, and after being warned the abuse continues, you will be banned from game play for 1-2 weeks with no turn-gain.

    (11) All rule interpretations are left to the discretion of the administrators. If there is a conflict, the Admins have full authority to take any action deemed necessary.

    The administrators of HTTPGames will research to the best of their ability the cause of any conflict or complaint, using all the tools at their disposal. If an account is locked, blocked, or banned, it will be for reasons sufficient in the eyes of the administrators. If you dispute a ruling and wish to have your account reinstated, you may contact them at HTTPGames. Please keep your language civil and polite. Rude, disrespectful, or threatening requests will be ignored

    The Admins reserve the right to add, delete, or modify the rules at any time.